Wine of the Month Club | Rabbit Electric Corkscrew

Alright!  Here we are, page one of the Wine of the Month Club Christmas Catalog.  And this is really cool because Metrokane is a very famous company in the wine products business.

And now, they just came out with Electric Corkscrew.  I’ve been trying to break this thing for like 30 days at my house. I use it at home all the time.  You can imagine all the wine open around here, very handy.  So it’s the Rabbit Metrokane Electric Corkscrew.  It comes with its own foil cutter so you just put it on the thing and just twist the bottle a little bit, and you have your foil removed like this.

And now, you just take this corkscrew.  There’s kind of a little LED thing on it.  It tells you how many pulls you have left.  Place it over the top and it will extract the cork.  And then we just pull it out of the bottle.  And watch this now.  It automatically removes itself as well.  Comes in candy colored red, silver, or black, your favorite colors, it’s $45.95, delivered to wherever you’d like it delivered, and gift-wrapped.

It’s a really exciting product.  Metrokane’s a great company.  All fully guaranteed by the Wine of the Month Club.  I think somebody on your list is going to like this.

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