Wine of the Month Club | Picnic Time Basket

Page 8, page 8 of the catalogue, this year in the 2010 Christmas catalogue from the Wine of the Month Club. We have the picnic time which we keep bringing back ’cause people keep loving that thing. And it’s an insulated pack that has two bottles of wine, that sort of instant picnic. And let me open it up for you ’cause it’s more than just wine here. We have everything in shrink film so it doesn’t get stained or damaged on the trip over to your recipient’s house. It’s guaranteed to come in pristine condition. The velcro fap, you got to unzip the top and look at the goodies inside. We got, starting with the cheese board, a cheese knife, and a cork screw. Open it up. Crackers, who can go on a picnic without a cracker? Nobody! Sausage, pepperoni, who can go on out a picnic without that? Nobody! Brie wedges, excellent with those crackers. And the wines we chose for out picnic, the [inaudible 0:55] And these [inaudible 0:59] we’ve done a few of their wines, and they just keep coming at us from Argentina. It’s just so good. We love them. And this Inca Malbec which is a big wine with lots of chocolate and dense flavors. And you’re going to love this picnic basket. I gave it to my personal trainer. Yes, I have a personal trainer. And she’s already used it, a couple of times and it’s only been a few weeks. So, give with confidence. Merry Christmas!

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