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Paul: Hey, welcome to my kitchen!  I’m going to make you the most incredible whipped cream that you can use on chocolate desserts.  Actually, my daughter came home from school and she made a cannoli type cookie, and then filled them with the same cream we’re making right now.  It’s incredible.  It’s made with Cocoa Vino which is the chocolate wine that we’re selling here at the Wine of the Month Club.  This is a quality product.  I’ve tasted all the chocolate wines that are on the marketplace.  This is by far in a way the best I’ve had.  So I started thinking about what I could do with it.  So what I did is I took 50% of a heavy whipping cream, 50% of the chocolate Cocoa Vino.  I have the mint here as well.  You can use the black cherry.  You can have a variety of flavors.  Didn’t add any sugar to this, I just took the 50-50 mix, put it in my whipped cream device with my two cartridges.  Of course, you can use your mixer.  Blend it up the same way.  But this makes an incredible dessert.  Look at this.  It mixes chocolate whipped cream.  Because it’s made with Port wine, it has an extra dimension of character that I really, really like.  The balance of this is really good.  It’s not too sweet.  In fact when you mix it with the whipping cream with no sugar, it makes a nice balance cream for any type of topping.  This stuff is really good.  I’m going to do now make the mint one because this sounds really good.  It’s called Cocoa Vino.  It makes all kinds of wonderful desserts.  Get it at

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