Top 10 Reasons How Wine Can Benefit You


How can wine possibly affect my overall health? Did you know that wine contains massive amounts of resveratrol? Now what exactly is resveratrol? Resveratrol is an organic chemical that comes from plants to fight off injury and other attacks by pathogens like bacteria or a fungi. Resveratrol comes from grape skins. It is also found in blueberries and raspberries. Wine contains a vast amount of resveratrol. Drinking wine contains surprising health benefits to us, humans.


teaching-nutrition-may-prevent-depression-among-adults1) Prevents Depression

  • The neuro effects of resveratrol plays a big part in helping prevent depression. The antioxidants help heal the inflammatory damage that is in the brain that added to depression.









antiaging_skin_care2) Helps with Anti-aging

  • Compounds such as procyanidins are found in wine. These compounds maintains the health of our blood vessels, which can lead to a longer life
  • Red wine contains more procyanidins than any other wines.








3) Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

  • Reduced the resistance to insulin: resveratrol increased level of enzyme, SIRT1 (decreases insulin sensitivity)
  • Having massive amounts of resveratrol, red wine can actually improve insulin sensitivity, which can eventually prevent type 2 diabetes


Breast-Cancer4) Prevents Breast Cancer

  • Resveratrol lowers the level of estrogen and increases testosterone in premenopausal women. Thus, this decreases the risk of breast cancer. Researchers believe that red wine mirrors the effects of aromatase inhibitors, which plays a vital role in managing estrogen levels.  The Aromatase inhibitors are used in order to treat women with breast cancer.








5) Prevents Prostate Cancer

  • Harvard Men’s Health Watch found a pattern that men who drank four to seven glasses of red wine each week have extremely lower risk of having prostate cancer

6) Prevents Lung Cancer

  • The antioxidant that is contained in red wine can decrease the risk for lung cancer, especially those that smoke

7) Prevents Colon Cancer

  • By moderate consumption of red wine, rate of bowel tumors are reduced by as much as 50%. The consumption of red wine can reduce the bowel tumors by 50%

8) Prevents Liver Disease

  • Wine can also reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. This is the most common liver disease in U.S. A moderate wine consumption should help prevent increase liver disease.

9) Prevents Dementia

  • Resveratrol supports the stickiness of blood platelets. As a result, the blood vessels become more flexible and benefits the brain by having a good blood supply.

10) Prevents Coronary Heart Disease

  • According to American Journal of Clinical Nutrition moderate drinkers had higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. This is really important because omega-3 fatty acids helps fight off coronary heart disease!


9f61f599d8c145c5_77289121.previewWho knew wine can save lives and prevent deathly diseases? If you want your regular dose of wine, Wine of the Month Club ships you the finest and best tasting wine from around the world. If drinking wine on a regular basis is all it takes to prevent these severe diseases, we should take initiative to protect and take care of our body and health.


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