Zinfandel is a red grape that has versatility and can be made into three different forms: light, medium, or full-bodied. This wine is colored pink and it is very unique in its kind

Zinfandel, 1980. Burgess| Vintage Wine History and Information

ZINFANDEL. 1980 – BURGESS by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | April 1983   From Hopewell Junction, New York, to St. Helena, California, is a long hop; but for jet pilots like Tom Burgess, it is just next door. That’s where Tom and Linda Burgess hail from. They purchased the original Souverain Cellars in 1972, renamed it,… read more »

Wine of the Month Club | Haraszthy Cellars

Hey, welcome to the continuing wine makers series here at the Wine of the Month Club. And I’m really excited to have Val, and I even tried it, my name is 12-letter Hazarathy, Haraszthy. Val: You butchered it. Paul: I know, again. Val: Haraszthy. Paul: Haraszthy. Okay, I have it. Val Haraszthy. We brought some… read more »

Wine of the Month Club – Interview with Morgan Twain-Peterson

Paul:                      Welcome to the Wine of the Month Club continuing winemakers series.  It’s a pleasure to have Morgan Twain-Peterson here from Bedrock Wines.  And I know we have some family history in the wine business. Morgan:               Yeah. Paul:                      That would be..? Morgan:               My father who founded the Ravenswood Winery back in 1976 was Joel Peterson…. read more »

Wine of the Month Club| Interview with Adam LaZarre

Paul:                      [Inaudible 0:02]. Adam:                   Antonio Banderas and I love you all. Paul:                      No, I’m kidding. Welcome to the Wine of the Month Club Winemaker series, very excited to have Adam LaZarre, rhymes with bazaar, right? Adam:                   Rhymes with bazaar. Paul:                      Isn’t that what you tell everybody like you told me? Adam:                   Well, if you can’t… read more »