Domestic Selection: Midnight Cuvee, 1988. Van Der Kamp

Martin Van der Kamp, a native of the North Coast wine country, was a home winemaker there for many years. In his youth he had done a stint as an employee at Napa’s famous Schramsberg Champagne Cellars. Bitten by the bug, he took several trips to some of the top Champagne houses in France. It… read more »

Sustainable Wine

Sustainable wine is a winemaking process that considers the environment in the process. The vineyard can implement artificial and natural products to best suit the least additives in the winemaking process. This process is commonly implemented in pest management.    

Californian Wine

California wines are amongst the best of the United States wines and even ranked better than some of the European wines. California makes up at a whopping 90% of the U.S. overall wine production. The California region would account to the fourth largest production of wine.   The history of Californian Wine dates back to… read more »


The block refers to the location of the vineyards the grapes come from. It is used to differentiate and classify grape varieties and growing environments as well.


This winemaking technique that divulges more flavor, color, and texture to the wine by getting the pressed wine juice and passing it back through the top of the grape’s juice from its first fermentation stage for a another cycle in the barrel.  


This is a winemaking technique to extract the flavor, tannin, and color from the juice during the start of the fermentation.  


An austere wine is referred as a wine that lacks the richness of the fruit’s taste. Austere is a type of a wine that has a high level of acidity, tannins, and both.  The acidity and tannins overpowers the fruit. However, overtime the fruit’s richness will blossom if cellared. It will become a better tasting… read more »

Old World

The Old World style of winemaking is a more balanced substance between the fruit and the earth. This traditional practice is usually done in European countries.