wine storage

This Matter of Cellaring

I have had many inquiries lately as to the availability of cellaring equipment and or building one. Building one is not as hard as it might seem, and you just might have the equipment required at your home. I found a room in the house (closet, pantry etc.) that I could spare (a friend cut… read more »

Choosing A Wine Cabinet

“What is your opinion about these wine cabinets I see advertised. The prices they are asking makes it quite an investment.. Are there any negatives about them, and do you recommend one over another?”         -A.S. Yes, there has been a flurry of offerings in the catalogs and some advertisements in newspapers and magazines for… read more »

The Right Thermometer for Wine Temperature Variation

“Dear Paul: Where can I purchase a ther­mometer which will tell me the variation in temperature of my wine cellar closet? I would like to find out if the variation ex­ceeds 10 degrees from day to night and from summer to winter. Even though I have it fairly well protected, I am con­cerned.”            – R.S…. read more »