wine classification

Burgundy vs Bordeaux

“Paul, I joined the club recently. I joined because my knowledge of import wines is zero, and I would like to learn more. How do I identify a Burgundy from a Bordeaux? The label does not always say so. Friends will hand me a glass and tell me what it is. I look at their… read more »

Blush, Blanc, Rose… Here’s the Difference!

“I have seen some of the same grapes used to make ‘blush,’ ‘blanc,’ and ‘rose’ wines. In some cases they are produced by the same winery! Could you tell me what the difference is?” – Dr. T. R. E.; Bakersfield I’m not sure I can because there is no code, law or regulation which governs… read more »


“Appellatopm D’origine Controlee” or “Controlled Designation of Origin” specifies the quality, geographical region, and the style of wine. The wine tasters must approve the wine in order to categorize its taste in AOC classification.  There may be a few problems that tie into this. First, the wine taster might have connections with the local vintners…. read more »