This term describes how thick the wine is. A viscous wine will be dense and full-bodied. The wine will be thicker according to the amounts of sugar, alcohol, tannins, glycerin, and more. These thick wines are rich in fruit flavors as they have higher amounts of ingredients in them.  


A savory wine is defined as a very round and rich in flavors.    


Unctuous wines are a high quality wine with lush and rich layers of flavors with concentrated flavors, velvety, and soft.    


Rich wines contains a high levels of fruit concentration, extract, and intensity without being extreme.  


This term describes a wine that has a rich concentration of ripe plum. It can be surfaced in its flavor and aroma.  


An opulent wine is described as bold, rich, and smooth wine.  


Massive wines are a larger scale of big wines. It is very ripe with a high levels of fruit concentrations. This type of wine are usually full-bodied, rich, and big. An example of a massive wine is the 1990 Hermitage La Chapelle.  


Lush wines are filled with velvety and rich characteristics because of its ripe fruits and fruity flavors. Lush wines are enriched with the right amount of fruit flavors.