Recipe: Onion and Potato Tortilla Peas | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Onion and Potato Tortilla Tapas by Rosemarie | April 1984 The rain, the land and the gentle people of Spain are still in front of my eyes, and they continue to excite my thoughts as I sit down to write this column. Since our return, I find my emotions and energies prancing… read more »

Recipe: Sausage and Sauerkraut Nebraska | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Sausage and Sauerkraut Nebraska by Rosemarie | November 1983 “Without sausage, without bacon, purpose in life is forsaken” goes an old German saying. It is thought the Babylonians enjoyed sausage more than 3,500 years ago and the ancient Chinese also made sausage. Homer in his Odyssey written in the 19th Century B.C…. read more »

Recipe: Black Eye Peas | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Black Eye Peas Rosemarie | January 1983 Everybody has 2 bits to say about what was good or bad about the year 1982, and the soothsayers are busy forecasting 1983. So far the outlook doesn’t seem so hot. As for me, I just go on thinking about all the wonderful tastes that… read more »