This wine has an aroma and flavor of the oak that is aging.    


This wine has a flavor and aroma of an oak wood due to the fermentation in the oak wood. This means that the wine was long overdue in a barrel. The oak flavor is only good for a limited amount. If it is excessive, it takes away the fruity flavor from the grapes.    … read more »

Wine of the Month Club| Interview with Adam LaZarre

Paul:                      [Inaudible 0:02]. Adam:                   Antonio Banderas and I love you all. Paul:                      No, I’m kidding. Welcome to the Wine of the Month Club Winemaker series, very excited to have Adam LaZarre, rhymes with bazaar, right? Adam:                   Rhymes with bazaar. Paul:                      Isn’t that what you tell everybody like you told me? Adam:                   Well, if you can’t… read more »