Domestic Selection: Cabernet Sauvignon, 1984, Jade Mountain

If you want history, try to read the label on this bottle. Some cor­relation! But here is the current story of this winery. Proprietor Dr. Douglas Cart­wright has actually been growing grapes for many years on his spa­cious ranch in Northern Sonoma County, having planted 34 acres there in 1964. Prior to the 1984 harvest… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Black Bean Puree

There is a distinct advantage in creating a “serialized” food column. Thinking of what to present the next month, is eliminated. Writing it, though, is another matter. A writer was asked if he liked to write, it is said he answered, “Yes, except for the paperwork!” This month, the saga of the bridal luncheon and… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Eye-Opener Corn Bread

“You’re a million miles from nowhere, when you’re one little mile from home.  It’s the song of mothers’ tears, that keeps ringing in your ears. You just leave the gates of Heaven, when you leave mothers’ arms to roam.  You’re a million miles from nowhere, when you’re one little mile from home.” This is a… read more »

Domestic Selection: Semillon, 1985, Alderbrook

••CORRECTION: I reported in a previous article that the two grapes in white Bordeaux were semillon and sauvignon blanc. I erroneously noted that the sauvignon blanc adds the flavor and body while the semillon contributes the acid. OOPS! It’s the other way around.. . Oh well, you’re never too old to learn or too young to… read more »


This type of wine has an aroma and flavor similar to vegetable garden. This is a negative term in wine characteristics because the grapes have not been fully matured and ripen.  


This wine has an aroma and flavor of the oak that is aging.    


This wine has a flavor and aroma of an oak wood due to the fermentation in the oak wood. This means that the wine was long overdue in a barrel. The oak flavor is only good for a limited amount. If it is excessive, it takes away the fruity flavor from the grapes.    … read more »


A wine full of zest is described as a well-balanced with fruit and acidity. It has very colorful flavor and pop in the taste.   .


Roussane has a flavor and aroma of honey and pear. It has an essence of flowers and herbal tea in the wine.


This winemaking technique that divulges more flavor, color, and texture to the wine by getting the pressed wine juice and passing it back through the top of the grape’s juice from its first fermentation stage for a another cycle in the barrel.