This is a premature wine that is not ready to be drink yet. The taste is very hard because of the high levels of tannins. Some technique to bring out the flavors for tight wines is through decanting.    


Sediments are the particles that come from improper decanting. This is usually found on older wines.    


The pouring of the wine into another container. The purpose of decanting is to filter out the remains from the older red wine and to aerate the younger ones to bring out their flavor and aroma.

Uncorking a Bottle of Wine

By Paul Kalemkiarian June 1983 There are some finer points about uncorking a bottle of wine. The inspection of the bottle before opening, and the actual uncorking procedure deserve some review. Some people have referred to the latter exercise as “dressing the bottle”, which I think carries it a bit far! But no matter, a… read more »