bridal luncheon

Adventures in Eating: Almendrado

Here I am on the 33rd floor, in a suite at the San Moritz Hotel in New York City. Daughter, baby Sammy, and I were treated to this stay by my son-in-law’s grandmother. Our patio overlooks Cen­tral Park. The majestic horses, as their hooves pound the pavement, pulling the hansom cabs, seem to type the… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Eggs Motul

It would not surprise me one bit if you are perched on the edge of your seat awaiting this next episode of Eggs Motul from our bridal luncheon! Next month will be the fi­nal installment of this thrilling cliffhang­er. I expect it will entice you to run to your market to purchase the ingredients to… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Black Bean Purée

There is a distinct advantage in creating a “serialized” food column. Thinking of what to present the next month, is eliminated. Writing it, though, is another matter. A writer was asked if he liked to write, it is said he answered, “Yes, except for the paperwork!” This month, the saga of the bridal luncheon and… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Yucatan Tomato Sauce

The saga of Vikki and Bruce’s wedding continues. Since they are WOM Club members, I could not resist passing on some housekeeping advice to newlyweds taken from the “Buckeye Cookery” (1898). “There is no luck in housekeeping, how­ever it may seem. Even by exact rule, and even with thorough knowledge, eternal vig­ilance is the price… read more »

Adventures In Eating: Sangria Blanca

At the end of this month’s food col­umn, I have a BIG boo-boo to ex­plain*. But, let’s get on with the more pleasant stuff. A dear friend’s daughter was to be married on Valentine’s Day, and the day before the wedding I co-hosted a bridal luncheon. Actually, the menu was to honor Vikki’s mother, who… read more »