Mouth-filling wines are full with flavor due to high levels of fruit concentration, alcohol, and glycerin. Textually speaking, these wines are rich, fat, and fleshy.  


This term is also known as tears and it refers to the liquid tracks down the side of the glass after swirling your wine. Usually, slower legs indicate that there is high levels of sugar and alcohol, which has more flavor than the faster legs.  

Indigenous Yeast

This is an important element in winemaking because it transforms the grape juice to wine. The yeasts converts the grape‚Äôs sugar into alcohol.    


The term hot does not refer to the temperature of the wine but instead refers to the burning sensation of alcohol running down your throat due to high levels of alcohol. Wines that are generally more than 14% of alcohol are considered hot wine.    


Heavy wines are considered unbalanced due to its excessive amounts of tannins and alcohol.


Harsh wines have high amounts of alcohol and the flavors are very sharp due to the rough tannins. Harsh wines are often aged in order for the wine to mellow. This is a negative trait to have in a wine.