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Adventures in Eating: Aunt Aileen’s Munchies
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It is the month of May and it’s supposed to be spring. Is it spring where you are? As I sit down to write this column, Mother Nature has discovered that she can blow a cold wind in May, and she is. Maybe I can’t fool Mother Nature but she sure is fooling me. It feels more like February about now. I can’t wait to light the fireplace in the evenings, even though the calendar says Spring is here. And… what about a glass of wine as you watch the falters glow?

Now, if you have that wine, you must have some munchies; at least Paul always looks for something to eat while sipping. Crunchy bits of goodies are important to completing the entertaining, mellow mood. You’ve probably guessed it. Up and coming is a munchy recipe from our second hare, Lincoln. Ne.

Our first grandchild was christened on April 8. Following the ceremony, our son and wife planned a brunch for the family at their home. As we sat around laughing and scratching, drinking and toasting Justin with wine, a bowl of these delicious homemade tid-bits made the rounds. (This was followed by Lynn’s Cheese Stratta recipe, and in the months to come I will share that with you.) These munchies are easy, and keep well in a Tupperware type container for weeks (if it lasts that long). Any time is a good time for :



2 12oz, small oyster crackers

1 cup vegetable oil

1 package original Hidden Valley

salad dressing-herbs (used dry)

1 1/2 t dill weed

1/2 t garlic powder (or to taste)


Put oyster crackers in a bowl. Pour oil over crackers and mix well with light hands. Add the salad dressing herbs, dill, garlic powder. Lightly toss to cover all the crackers. That’s it!

Aunt Aileen is a lovely 80 year old neighbor who is our grandson Justin’s babysitter. She has endeared herself to all of us. When one shares a recipe, a part of them is never lost or forgotten.


“A wise man always eats well.” – a Chinese proverb.

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