Food with Wine: Poultry

Food with Wine: Poultry
by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | March 1982

Do you always serve white wine with poultry? The answer is “no”. A lot depends on the way the bird is prepared, and the sauce (if any), that you use. You must also consider the kind of bird and the type of meat it has. As a general rule—white wine with white-meated birds and red wine with dark-meated, rich and fleshy birds like goose and duck. Game birds seem to favor red wines. If your white-meated bird has been stuffed with spicy sausage, then a red wine would also be the preference. Let’s look at the possi­bilities:

Chicken or turkey pie or casserole, chick­en breasts in bland sauce, cold chicken or turkey:

A dry California Johannisberg Riesling is my favorite. It does not over-power the light flavors. A dry California Chenin Blanc would do very well too. (Be sure you purchase the dry types of these two varieties). A French Riesling from Alsace would be very nice, or a Soave from Italy. Some of the Riseling labelled wines from Chile or Argentina have been very good and very resonable. Be sure they are not too cold.

Turkey or chicken in a spicy sauce, or barbecued:

A California Sauvignon Blanc that is full bodied. Some of the Italian Sauvignons will serve well. Try a Sancerre from the Loire Valley in France; they are delightful.

Curried Turkey or Chicken:

Depending on the style and intensity of currying, the only wine that can handle curry is a dry Gewurztraminer – and for the milder curries, does it very well– but if you have an intense Indian curry type dish – please serve beer! No wine can stand up to it.

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