Domestic Selection: Sauvignon Blanc, 1988, Hacienda

The Hacienda Winery is a family business. In days of take­overs and large company buyouts, it is refreshing to find quality wines from a winery owned and operated by the family.

In 1879 the Cooley family moved west from Ohio in search of their share of the Gold rush. And as luck would have it, the family settled in Cloverdale and became farmers; planting prunes citrus, and most importantly, grapes.

This family background made a transition easy for Crawford Cooley. You see, in 1959 Craw­ford (Founder and President of Hacienda) was partner in a high tech venture capital company that dissolved in 1967. Rekindling his family roots, he proceeded into the grape growing business.

Hacienda Winery was founded in 1973 in the Sonoma Valley, the southern portion of Sonoma County. What is now the winery was originally constructed as a Hospital in 1926. It is surrounded by the historic vineyard site of Count Agoston Harazathy’s (the father of modern California viti­culture) first commercial vine plantings of 1857.

The winery employs a philoso­phy of using both estate grown and purchased grapes to produce its wines. Each lot from the vary­ing vineyards is fermented and aged individually and then blended later to ensure the highest level of control of the final product. By doing this, winemaker Eric Lau-man is able to maximize the nose, taste, and feel of each of his wines.

Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile grape and can be grown virtually anywhere. The primary white grape of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley of France it is grown from Hungry to Chile to the United States with great success. Capable of producing wines of great flavor and complexity there are two bas­ic styles. The Craves style of Bordeaux is dry, grassy and herbaceous. The Fume’ style of the Loire is dry, floral, and full bod­ied.

Our selection is Fume’ in style and shows a color of straw gold with light, but brilliant tones. The nose is flowers, apples and plums. The taste begins with fruit explo­sion and turns to a full-bodied wine with a hint of oak. The finish is dry with lingering fruit flavors. Serve slightly chilled with poultry dishes and vegetables. Poached fish would be a nice complement.

Cellaring Notes: Drinking very nicely now. May mellow and complex one more year.


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