Chardonnay, 1980 – Danfield Creek

by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | February 1982

When the wine bug bites, it punctures the skin ever so gently that you cannot feel it, and there are no traces on the skin. However, it injects nectar from the grape vine blossom that circulates in your constitution for ever and ever. The pre­ceding scientific conjecture must be true. Living proof exists in the person of Sanford Wishnev. Nearly 20 years ago the bite occurred from a bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse from the famous house of “Calvet” in Beaune, Burgundy. He was a management trainee with Schenley Imports then. He moved on to manag­ing a line of German and Italian wines for an im­porter, with exposure to distributors, restaurants, retailers and vintners. The injected nectar start­ed a chain reaction in 1981 that led to the form­ation of Wishnev Wine Management with diverse act­ivities in selling imported wine, winery real est­ate sales, consulting, brandy and champagne sales, and other beverage marketing. That was not the end; the injection spread. Sanford relates what happened, “But an idea that had been percolating in the back of my mind since the 60’s took on new per­spective. I wanted to have my own brand. Because of my experience in winery real estate and the numerous contacts that I had developed in the wine industry, I determined that I should introd­uce my Danfield Creek label by carefully selecting a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon that would offer an excellent price/quality ratio to the knowledgeable wine drinker as well as the person who is just beginning to explore the California wine scene. No matter what the level of consumer, everyone appreciates a value! “Voila”… his first wine. What a value! This negociant has a palate:

The noble white grape from Burgundy, Pinot Chardonnay has attributes sought by wine enthus­iasts the world over. When young it has a charact­eristic fruitiness easy to identify, with a dry flavorful taste that develops complexities and depth as it ages. The nose develops a fragrance that is not seen in any other white wine.

The color is light greenish gold. The nose is deep, varietal, with fruitiness covered by oak. On tasting it shows a medium to full body, dry, with bold Chardonnay flavor that has oak overtones. Acid is apparent and pleasant. Serve chilled with seafood or poultry courses.

CELLARING NOTES: Will improve and develop complex­ities for 4-5 years.

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