Wine of the Month Club News

This Free, 24 Hour Wine Fountain in Italy Is Too Good to Be True

When I heard about this, this morning… I thought I was dreaming or had been transported into an alternate universe. In the Abruzzo region near Rome, a fountain flowing with free red wine has been installed on the Cammino di San Tommaso route where thousands of traveling locals and tourists find their way from Rome to Ortona…. read more »

Santa Anita Uncorked!

Santa Anita Uncorked – Another Wonderful Adventure in Wine and Food This year, we held Santa Anita Uncorked on 6/11, and it was a great success.  With food vendors from all across San Gabriel Valley, and Wines like no tomorrow, this was one of the best events to date.  Those who attended indulged in unlimited… read more »

Great Mother’s Day Gifts – A Wine Club Membership!

Mom’s got a tough gig.  Often overworked and under-appreciated, a mother is on non-stop with no time to rest.  This year, tell her you care in the most fabulous way possible: A Wine of the Month Club Gift Membership!   We can’t think of a better way to show your love, and it’s gotta be one… read more »