Domestic Selection: Chardonnay, 1986, Merry Vintners

The Merry Vintners is a small, 7,000 cases per annum, family winery in the rural outskirts of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. The winery was founded in 1984 by four partners; Charles Edwards and his wife D.J., their daughter Meredith and her husband Bill (Miller). Sounds quite ordinary so far… the catch is, Meredith (Mer­ry)… read more »

Domestic Selection: Chardonnay, 1988, Monte Verde

Widely known for their successes in motor racing, brothers Frank and Phil Arciero, along with their sons, operate one of California’s largest construction and development companies. The message: Success is an attitude. With 700 acres of estate owned vineyard land, a 78,000 sq. ft. production and bottling facility and a complete self-contained water reclamation system… read more »

Domestic Selection: Chardonnay, 1987, Chateau Julien

In the short span of 6 years that this winery has been in exis­tence, it has made a name for itself internationally. The awards and medals list is impressive from competitions in San Francisco to London. But, that is not why I se­lect a wine. It has to win our award!… by its taste and… read more »

Top 8 Mother’s Day Fine Wines for Under $12!

Top 8 Mother’s Day Fine Wines for Under $12!   Moscatel, 2015. Fantelli (Mother’s Day Presents) This delicious Argentinian Moscatel is perfect to pair with seafood, vegetarian food, and other dishes! This wine is grown from Mendoza region in Argentina. The rich and tropical taste makes this wine a very delicious drink. The finish is… read more »

Burgundy vs Bordeaux

“Paul, I joined the club recently. I joined because my knowledge of import wines is zero, and I would like to learn more. How do I identify a Burgundy from a Bordeaux? The label does not always say so. Friends will hand me a glass and tell me what it is. I look at their… read more »

Chardonnay, 1982. Hamilton Cellars| Vintage Wine History and Information

CHARDONNAY. 1982 –HAMILTON CELLARS by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1985 I am delighted that Ed Masciana chose to take the plunge and go into the wine business for himself. I have known him for over 15 years. Throughout that time we have challenged each others palates with our discoveries. He is a true “no nonsense”… read more »

Chardonnay, 1983. Valenti | Vintage Wine History and Information

CHARDONNAY. 1983 – VALENTI by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | November 1984 The first time I had an Italian Chardonnay was about three years ago. It was at the Food and Wine Show in San Francisco. A huge delegation of Italian vintners were showing their wines to the trade. Offering a wine labeled Chardonnay was a departure from… read more »

Chardonnay, 1980 – Danfield Creek

CHARDONNAY, 1980 – DANFIELD CREEK by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | February 1982 When the wine bug bites, it punctures the skin ever so gently that you cannot feel it, and there are no traces on the skin. However, it injects nectar from the grape vine blossom that circulates in your constitution for ever and ever…. read more »