Italian Wines

Wine with Food: California Barbera| Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: California Barbera By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | April 1984 The next time you are planning Italian fare for your meal, consider this wine. It has a place in that context for many reasons. It is a pleasant departure from the tradi­tional Chianti that most everyone seems to reach for when Italian food… read more »

Chardonnay, 1983. Valenti | Vintage Wine History and Information

CHARDONNAY. 1983 – VALENTI by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | November 1984 The first time I had an Italian Chardonnay was about three years ago. It was at the Food and Wine Show in San Francisco. A huge delegation of Italian vintners were showing their wines to the trade. Offering a wine labeled Chardonnay was a departure from… read more »

Bianco Alcamo, 1980 – Fiumefreddo

BIANCO ALCAMO, 1980 – FIUMEFREDDO by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1982 The island of Sicily, (the football at the tip of the shoe of Italy) is our visit for tasting an import this month. Famous for the active volcano Mt. Etna on its east coast, the northwest portion of the island is crowned by… read more »