Malbec, 1979. Bodegas Santa Ana| Vintage Wine History and Information

MALBEC. 1979 –BODEGAS SANTA ANA by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | August 1984 Argentina is a giant in the world of wine. Its production is the fourth largest in the world. (Only France, Italy, and Spain produce more wine.) The quality and taste of wine from Argentina, to European American palates, has improved significantly. We are… read more »

Malbec, 1977 – Canto Rodado Flichman

MALBEC, 1977 – CANTO RODADO FLICHMAN by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | February 1982 The fifth largest wine producing country in the world, Argentina, produces most of its wine for local consumption. Little is exported. Wine grapes were introduced to the country by Father Cedron, a Jesuit priest in 1566. Since then the industry has grown… read more »