Adventures in Eating: Stuffed Bell Peppers in Beer Sauce

We are on a new food regimen for 1988! Paul had purchased a book titled “The 120 year Diet”, by Dr. Roy L. Walford M.D.. Overnight he became a disciple of Dr. Walford’s and has fi­nally converted me, too. Dr. Walford declares, that one can have a better quality of life and longevity, through nutritional… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Joan’s 1987 Bowl Dinner

It all began in 1919, when a hollow named Daisy Dell was purchased for religious plays. The owners lost faith and Daisy Dell was deeded to Los Angeles in 1924. Daisy Dell was revamped, given a thorough face lift, and a seating capacity of 17,619 people. Starlit concerts were started, and the Holly­wood Bowl emerged…. read more »

Recipe: Lettuce Package | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Lettuce Package Rosemarie | March 1984 Our daughter Sharon, who is a brand new wife, loves to cook. I might add, she is a very good cook at that. We recently visited her and her husband, and were pleasantly surprised with a delightful Chinese dinner: do-it-yourself Lettuce Packages. Once everything is assembled, it… read more »

Recipe: Halloween Squash Soup| Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Halloween Squash Soup Rosemarie | September 1984 Torrance Airport, deemed one of the busiest airports in the world because of touch-and-go operations, is just a skip and a hop from our home. It must be said, that this airport is smack in the center of a large city and is not exempt… read more »

Recipe: Ensalada de Piparrada| Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Ensalada de Piparrada Rosemarie | July 1984 The eighteen provinces that make up Spain have maintained the tradition of what is called La Buena Mesa (The Good Table). Back in the 13th Century, King Alfonso The Wise wrote: “Spain is rich in honeys, abundant with fruits, teeming with fish, well provided with milk… filled… read more »

Recipe: Coquilles St. Jacques | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Coquilles St. Jacques Rosemarie | August 1984 One of my favorite pastimes, and perhaps yours, is reading cook­books! They are part of my recrea­tional reading. I recently found a box of recipes cut out during high school days. Very often, my mind takes off and I wonder how, where, and when some… read more »

Recipe: Skewered Swordfish or Thrasher Shark | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Skewered Swordfish or Thrasher Shark Rosemarie | February 1985 In my French conversation class this week, I learned a new word – la grippe. Certainly, it better illustrates the way one feels when they are “gripped” by the flu. Presently, while writing this column, la grippe has indeed “gripped” me! Aching muscles,… read more »

Recipe: Silver Onions Oregano| Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Silver Onions Oregano Rosemarie | December 1984 Several months ago, this column published a recipe for Peach Chutney. No more than a few days had passed, after the newsletter was sent, that I received a phone call from one of our Wine of the Month Club members. His question was: “When are… read more »

Recipe: Ratatouille | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Ratatouille by Rosemarie | July 1983 Whenever we think of summer’s bounty and preparing that bounty for colder days, we think of fruit. Especially because, we love the products of fruit such as jams, pre­serves, and canned fruit. It is rewarding and not too difficult to make a lovely jam. And with… read more »

Recipe: Onion and Potato Tortilla Peas | Food and Wine Pairing

Adventures in Eating: Onion and Potato Tortilla Tapas by Rosemarie | April 1984 The rain, the land and the gentle people of Spain are still in front of my eyes, and they continue to excite my thoughts as I sit down to write this column. Since our return, I find my emotions and energies prancing… read more »