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I was validated last week, at least in a small slice of my life. Certainly, for any of us to find complete validation of our existence cannot be known until we are gone. But along the way, little snips of life can keep us going because we feel like something is right about what we do and believe. My validation is wine related.

I was asked to entertain some young professionals in a short on-site wine tasting with a brief discussion about what WOMC does and how it was formed. You see, these young professionals are all successful (businesses anyway) in their domain. I like to think we are successful in our mission at WOMC as well (evidenced by all you “raving fan” members). Happily, I received these folks and to be immediately disappointed in their respect toward me and the company. One guy was on his phone texting the entire visit, and while on the tour, no one asked any questions about, well, anything!I opened ten wines for these folks and those were met with virtually not even fake enthusiasm. I work hard to make these wines happen and I want people to enjoy what I do. So where was my validation?I realized that wine is for sharing and camaraderie, for discussion and conversation; it is not for attempted snobbery or “one up-manship”. It was clear to me that we are doing it right and for that I appreciate your patronage.

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