2016 February

Adventures in Eating: Party Fruit Compote

Growing up, one used to hear the “older folks” (which I am now one of) tell how travel expands the mind. I guess it does, but in my instance it also expands the girth. We recently took a quick 8-day break and thanks to airfare bargains and jet travel made it to Great Britain and back…. read more »

Adventures in Eating: Texas Style Fajita Sauce

How, when, and where the name and the food we call Fajita got its start is unknown to me. Even some verbal research in Mexican restaurants unearthed… nada. To further complicate the matter, I learned that a Fajita in Texas is different than what we call a Fajita in California. Nevertheless, we now can order siz­zling… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Tofu Eggplant Casserole

Friends give me interesting recipes, and that is fun, as I get exposed to a variety of palate preferences. This month’s recipe intrigued me, as it was easy, inexpensive and nutritious. A great combination! However, herein lies the tale. I am printing the recipe as given me, but along with that, how I altered the original…. read more »

Adventures in Eating: Baked Corn Pudding

The familiar lyrics from the musical Oklahoma “the corn is so high it touches the sky”, echoed around me as we drove the highways and byways of Nebraska and Iowa this summer. The corn was there, but not as high as the sky, in fact much of it was no more than 2 feet high…. read more »

Adventures in Eating: Scrapple

“We sat down at the oil cloth-covered table. Mrs. Shimerda ladled meal mush out of an iron pot and poured milk on it. After the mush we had fresh bread and sorghum molasses, and coffee with the cake that had been kept warm in the feather comforter.” Nowhere can you find the vivid, color­ful, homey… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Rhubarb Crunch

Monica Perri, our office manager, reminded me to include a Fourth of July theme, but I hang my head in shame, as I am a month late. June just seems too early to think July 4th. In my library of recipes, I had some that were authentically from the Men­nonite community. So, if you’ll let me… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Hot Artichoke Cheese Dip

For several years in a row, usually dur­ing the Fourth of July weekend, Paul and I hold an annual garden party for 70-80 friends. We did not indulge in fancy waitresses preparing appetizers and walking around, tray in hand, while you balanced a glass of wine with one hand and tried to grace­fully pop a morsel… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Mom’s Green Olive Appetizer

I bring you a flavor from my childhood days this month. Every summer, my mother and father managed to find someone with a green olive tree. Friends would gather, and a large burlap sack full of freshly picked green olives would find itself in our backyard. A hammer, rubber gloves, and a chop­ping board was… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Ham Mousse Hors d’Oeuvre Mold

Being a part of a family-owned busi­ness may have its mushy side, but then something like Weezie Mott happens to you. Ms. Mott is a teacher by profession and a coveted member of the Wine of the Month Club. Her background is in the biological sciences, but her love and ex­pertise extends into running a… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Aurora Pepi’s Appetizer

Imagine waking up each morning on 70 acres of fertile vineyard, bordered by the Napa River, one mile south of Oak­ville in Napa Valley. That is the place where Rob­ert and Aurora Pepi call home. Their “home” is chateau-like, built in stone and oak to match their all stone winery next door. The Pepis purchased this… read more »