2015 October


This is a negative term that describes a wine that has an aroma of a vinegar caused by too much acetic acid, lactic, and other steam acids. This is a defective wine.


This term describes how thick the wine is. A viscous wine will be dense and full-bodied. The wine will be thicker according to the amounts of sugar, alcohol, tannins, glycerin, and more. These thick wines are rich in fruit flavors as they have higher amounts of ingredients in them.  


The vintage indicates which years the grapes were picked regardless of when they were bottled. It indicates how old the wine is.  


Vigorous wines have a high fruit concentration and therefore can be strong.  


Velvety wine is a good quality wine with a smooth, rich, and soft texture. It is silky and lush to drink. It is a wine that is well-balanced in fruit concentration, acidity, and tannin levels.  


This type of wine has an aroma and flavor similar to vegetable garden. This is a negative term in wine characteristics because the grapes have not been fully matured and ripen.  


This term describes the different types of grapes according to their vineyard, location, climate, and more.  


Varietals are made up of different types of grapes from different vineyards, different regions, and different countries. This wine requires only one sole for the entire components. Otherwise, it will not be considered a varietal.  


This is another term for a winemaker.