2015 September


Floral wines have the flavors and aromas that is similar to fresh and fragrant flowers such as roses, lilac, jasmine, and many more.


Wines that are flinty tend to have a mineral flavor. This type of wines are usually high in acidity.


Fleshy wines are described as velvety, meaty, or beefy. It signifies that the wine has a lot of alcohol, body, and extract, and usually a high levels of glycerin.


Flat wines are described as lacking in flavor and aroma. The taste is dull because it lacks acidity, especially in its finish.


Flamboyant wines have high levels of fruit that is easily noticed.


Flabby wines are unstructured and have a very heavy taste because of its lack of acidity. It is a negative description of a wine.


A firm wine has a strong structure of tannins or acids.


The impression of the wine taste right after swallowing the wine. It refers to how long and how tasteful the flavor in the tongue after swallowing. The finish of a wine will usually depend on its quality.


A high quality wine that is well balanced.


Fermentation is the transformation of sugar into gases, acids, or alcohol. During fermentation, the yeasts converts sugar into carbon dioxide and ethanol to become alcohol. Speed, temperature, and oxygen levels are an important factors that play in the fermentation.