2015 June

Wine of the Month Club | Rabbit Electric Corkscrew

Alright!  Here we are, page one of the Wine of the Month Club Christmas Catalog.  And this is really cool because Metrokane is a very famous company in the wine products business. And now, they just came out with Electric Corkscrew.  I’ve been trying to break this thing for like 30 days at my house…. read more »

Wine of the Month Club | The Best Ports I Have Tasted

  Paul:                      Welcome to the continuing winemakers series of the Wine of the Month Club.  Last week, we brought you Champagnes for the holidays, and I must bring you ports because I love port during the holidays, and actually any celebration. Kevin:                   Oh, it’s great. Paul:                      I have Kevin Epicurean Wines here with us.  And… read more »