2013 April

Some of our favorite recipe pairings….very tasty.

Dijon-Rosemary Crusted Prime Rib Roast with Pinot Noir Au Jus

  This is such a wonderful recipe. The strength of the beef cradle in the subtleties of Dijon and Rosemary. My mind went right to Tempranillo. Tempranillo can be pretty forward but I think it  would catch the Rosemary just right but stand up to the marble of the Prime Rib. Try this month’s new… read more »

Malolactic Mystery

I was recently asked a great question… “At a recent wine tasting we kept hearing the phrase ‘Malo’ or ‘It’s not 100% malo’, or ‘There is no malo’. What does this mysterious phrase mean?” ~ M.Z., Milwaukee, WI. And I answered with this…  It is encouraging to hear that you are attending wine tastings. It… read more »

Olive Tapenade Grilled Cheese

This looks so good…..I sat imagining the flavors and it hit me. A Sicilian Grillo! This wine was the leanness to hold up to the cheese and the saltiness (not really sodium) to compliment the tapenade….can’t wait to try it! Olive Tapenade Grilled Cheese Makes one big sandwich Ingredients: 2 slices rustic bread, sliced 4 tablespoons… read more »

Camaraderie Over Snobbery

What’s New…. I was validated last week, at least in a small slice of my life. Certainly, for any of us to find complete validation of our existence cannot be known until we are gone. But along the way, little snips of life can keep us going because we feel like something is right about… read more »