Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2)

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2)
by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | September 1982

 I am supposed to include some tables in 1 this months column, that show which wines accompany various cheeses. I real­ly did not mean tables! I intended to list the types of cheese and then list some wines that would be appropriate for the cheese. Tables of a sort I guess! I just did not want you to get the idea that this was a regimented subject.

Let’s look at some of the cheeses from England. They are good, robust, plenti­ful, and usually more to our taste in this country. The English are pretty good wine connoisseurs so let’s look at an English Country Cheese Council and a Wine Development Board tasting recom­mendations: (I have added some Cali­fornia wine counterparts for those of you who wish to stay with the domestic wines).

Caerphilly—young dry white German wine of QBA. Kabinet, or their new Halb­trocken grade. A dry California Riesling or Sylvaner will do well instead.

White Wensleydale—dry white Frascati from Italy. for a Californian, Pinot Blanc.

Red Leicester—claret. (which is a syn­onym for a French Bordeaux). Let your pocketbook and the expertise of your wine merchant be your guide. You can’t go wrong with a California Cabernet Sauvignon as a substitute: and with a lot more confidence in the acceptability of the wine.

Double Gloucester—Beaujolais; the younger the better. For a California counterpart any of the young Gamay Beaujolais will do fine.

English Cheddar—red Italian Barbera: and in the better labels, some age will add to the enjoyment. A California Barbera will fill the bill.

Sage Derby—Alsace Traminer has all the charm unique to it. Try some of the California Gewurztraminers: they have a different style but will do very well.

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