What can I say about Moscato except that people love it?

Hey, it’s that time of the year where we serve Moscato d’ asti particularly, such a great wine. It’s such a popular wine now. And the most popular actually right now is the Moscato d’ asti from the makers of Stella Rosa which is the County de Alba. But I have two here, and we saw a lot of both them. But this one, I want to show you difference. I want to talk about briefly about Moscato. Moscato d’ asti is Moscato the grape which is commonly called Moscato Bianco from Asti in Italy which is the North and Piedmont area. However, Moscato grows all over the world and it makes very unusual wines in different textures. So we can get a slightly bubbly wine, which this is, or we can get a viscous sort of thick dessert wine, and even a dry wine.

What I have here are two versions, one the classic Italian version and one Spanish version. And they’re distinctively different, except both of them are really good. And so I tasted my staff on just to get their opinions. One of them said, ‘You know this is sweeter and fruitier. And I can drink less of it, but I like it. This one is a little drier, a little more mineral. And I can drink more of it.’ So depending on your palate or what you like. Both of them are great examples of Moscato, the grape, one from the classic region, and one from Spain.

So I’m going to pour me a glass so you can see what they are now. Moscato d’ asti or Moscato is made this way, it’s not to be confused with Asti or Asti Spumanti. They are not the same wine. The atmosphere, pressure inside these bottles is not warrant itself to be a real sparkling wine. As you can see, this got some tiny bubbles. It’s kind of creamy on the palate. And look at the color difference, this is a little sort of more golden yellow, but you can see the tiny, tiny bubbles. So it has sort of creamy character when they make the wine. And this one’s got sort of tangerines and fruit in the nose, very creamy on the tongue but definitely fruit impressions, and sugar impressions. And this one from Spain has got this wonderful sort of tangerine as well nose, but you get a little minerality there, sort of stone characters. Now the tangerine’s coming out. So this has a little more body, a little less sugar. Little more sugar, little more fruit, depending on your palate or what you like, both are the same price, $11.99. Screw cap finish and a cork finish, really excellent wines. Enjoy them, and we’ll have them through the end of the year. Cheers!

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