Top 10 Reasons How Wine Can Benefit You


How can wine possibly affect my overall health? Did you know that wine contains massive amounts of resveratrol? Now what exactly is resveratrol? Resveratrol is an organic chemical that comes from plants to fight off injury and other attacks by pathogens like bacteria or a fungi. Resveratrol comes from grape skins. It is also found in blueberries and raspberries. Wine contains a vast amount of resveratrol. Drinking wine contains surprising health benefits to us, humans.


teaching-nutrition-may-prevent-depression-among-adults1) Prevents Depression









antiaging_skin_care2) Helps with Anti-aging








3) Prevents Type 2 Diabetes


Breast-Cancer4) Prevents Breast Cancer








5) Prevents Prostate Cancer

6) Prevents Lung Cancer

7) Prevents Colon Cancer

8) Prevents Liver Disease

9) Prevents Dementia

10) Prevents Coronary Heart Disease


9f61f599d8c145c5_77289121.previewWho knew wine can save lives and prevent deathly diseases? If you want your regular dose of wine, Wine of the Month Club ships you the finest and best tasting wine from around the world. If drinking wine on a regular basis is all it takes to prevent these severe diseases, we should take initiative to protect and take care of our body and health.


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