wine color

This Matter of the Color of Wine

Your first introduction to a wine is through the sense of sight. The appearance and color of a wine tells you, or warns you, about what’s coming. The first question we ask: “Is it clear?” Cloudy wines are undesirable. These wines could have several different problems; leftover sugar combining with yeast for a secondary fermentation,… read more »

Blush, Blanc, Rose… Here’s the Difference!

“I have seen some of the same grapes used to make ‘blush,’ ‘blanc,’ and ‘rose’ wines. In some cases they are produced by the same winery! Could you tell me what the difference is?” – Dr. T. R. E.; Bakersfield I’m not sure I can because there is no code, law or regulation which governs… read more »


This term describes a white wine’s color instead of the bouquet and flavor of the white wine.    


The color if the wine changes as it ages. For the red wines, it will grow into dark orange or pink; while white wine will turn into gold.