sparkling wine

Uncorking Sparkling Wine

For some reason, the chore of uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine intimidates a lot of people. They sort of quietly pass on the responsibility to another in the group (and thus never learn how to do it well). Then, there are those who tackle it head on, and sort of think that popping it is the… read more »

Sparkling Wine

A wine that contains bubbles. This type of wine is carbonated by natural fermentation in a large tank. Sparkling wine is most highly associated with Champagne. Some of the most popular sparkling wines are Spumante (Italy) and Cava (Spain).    


Champaign, also known as “the Sparkling Wine”, is made from the grapes of the Champagne region of France. In order to be labeled “Champagne” the grapes have to come from Champagne region specifically and produced under the strict process of appellation. It is usually made by the process Methode Champenoise and includes two fermentations.  … read more »

Chardonnay, 1983. Valenti | Vintage Wine History and Information

CHARDONNAY. 1983 – VALENTI by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | November 1984 The first time I had an Italian Chardonnay was about three years ago. It was at the Food and Wine Show in San Francisco. A huge delegation of Italian vintners were showing their wines to the trade. Offering a wine labeled Chardonnay was a departure from… read more »

To Pop or Not To Pop. That is the question!

How to Open Champagne By Paul Kalemkiarian December 1983 Champagne should be served at a tem­perature of about 45° F. which can be achieved best by gradually chilling overnight in the re­frigerator. How­ever if time is a fac­tor, a minimum of three hours in the refrigerator or thirty minutes in the freezer immediate­ly before serving… read more »