petite syrah

Petite Syrah, 1980. Guenoc Winery | Vintage Wine History and Information

PETITE SYRAH. 1980 – GUENOC WINERY by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | June 1984   The Guenoc Valley, in Lake County, California is unique in more than one way. The vineyards in Guenoc Valley have received the first single vineyard/single owner “appellation of origin” in America. It is a small valley, about 300 to 700 yards wide, and… read more »

Morgan Norman at Wine of the Month Club

Paul:                      It is my great pleasure to have today in the continuing Winemakers Series of the Wine of the Month Club, Morgan Norman here from the Greg Norman Estates.  That’s correct, the professional golfer who turned wine enthusiast, but not just turned wine enthusiast.  Many years, he’s been a wine enthusiast. Morgan:               Many years.  It’s… read more »

Wine of the Month Club| Interview with Adam LaZarre

Paul:                      [Inaudible 0:02]. Adam:                   Antonio Banderas and I love you all. Paul:                      No, I’m kidding. Welcome to the Wine of the Month Club Winemaker series, very excited to have Adam LaZarre, rhymes with bazaar, right? Adam:                   Rhymes with bazaar. Paul:                      Isn’t that what you tell everybody like you told me? Adam:                   Well, if you can’t… read more »