Domestic Selection: Colombard, 1989. Carmenet

In opening, let me first ask you to notice the small print section of this wine’s label which reads “A Chalone Property”. Any discus­sion of the Carmenet Vineyard must include a discourse on its parent company. Chalone Incor­porated is the only publicly-held company in the U.S. whose prin­cipal business is producing and marketing premium wines…. read more »

French Colombard, 1982. J. Pedroncelli| Vintage Wine History and Information

FRENCH COLOMBARD. 1982 – J. PEDRONCELLI by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | November 1982 The old line Italian wine making families of California have made a mark in our industry. They were at their avocation way before some of the young upstarts of today! The Pedroncelli family still operate their winery. Giovanni Pedroncelli (who later changed his… read more »

Colombard, 1981. Villa Baccala | Vintage Wine History and Information

Colombard. 1981 – Villa Baccala by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1983 Villa Baccala is a brand new label on the wine scene, and this wine is their first release. If their subsequent wines have the same quality for the price, they are on their way to better things. I ran into their booth at… read more »