Wine with Food: La Tache | Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: La Tache By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | January 1985 I was stopped by a young mother at a shop­ping mall last month. She had her two children with her. They were restless, so I did not have the opportunity to answer her ques­tion fully. I did not catch her name. She had… read more »

Wine with Food: Doktor | Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: Doktor By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | October 1983 Maybe you have been fortunate enough to have been given a bottle of Doktor, or you have seen it on a shelf and wondered why it was so expensive, or maybe on the recommendation of a friend you splurged and purchased one. What do you… read more »

Wine with Food: Aged California Chardonnay| Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: Aged California Chardonnay By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | September 1983 The deep golden hues of well-aged California Chardonnays are tantalizing sugges­tions of the fragrant tastes that follow. This varietal of grape, and the wine our California vintners have produced from it in the last 15 years has begun to threaten the foundations… read more »

Wine with Food: Georges de Latour | Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: Georges de Latour By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | July 1983 What do you serve with a bottle of Georges de Latour? This wine has become so legendary that the name is “dropped’• by wine collectors to establish the credibility of their wine cellars, by begin­ners as a standard in awe, and by… read more »

Wine with Food: Beaujolais Nouveau| Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: Beaujolais Nouveau By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | March 1983 I have fallen victim to the personal computer age! After a modest contribution to this giant industry, I now can process these words on my word processor. In fact, it is really slick! I do not know how I did without it all… read more »

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 1)

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 1) by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | August 1982 The custom of cheese after the meal is commonly seen in the United States. It is a tradition in France, and often encountered in England, Germany, and other European countries. If you practice it in this country, it is sometimes interpreted as a… read more »

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2)

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2) by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | September 1982  I am supposed to include some tables in 1 this months column, that show which wines accompany various cheeses. I real­ly did not mean tables! I intended to list the types of cheese and then list some wines that would be appropriate for the… read more »

Recipe: Mom’s Light Supper Sandwich

Adventures in Eating: Mom’s Light Supper Sandwich By Rosemarie | January 1982 “Whew!!.. we got through the Holiday Season. I feel as though I have a “food hang-over”, or what­ever you want to call it. Our Christmas was exceptional this year and we are grateful our children could all be with us and share the… read more »