Domestic Selection: Midnight Cuvee, 1988. Van Der Kamp

Martin Van der Kamp, a native of the North Coast wine country, was a home winemaker there for many years. In his youth he had done a stint as an employee at Napa’s famous Schramsberg Champagne Cellars. Bitten by the bug, he took several trips to some of the top Champagne houses in France. It… read more »

Import Selection: Chamdeville Blanc De Blanc Brut, NV

This is that bubbly time of year when men and women’s fancies, young and old, turn to thoughts of Champagne. Whoops! Watch the use of that word. Chamdeville is produced in France (in Bordeaux, actually) but outside the strictly de-limited re­gion legally entitled the name “Champagne.” It must therefore go by the less recognizable handle… read more »

Adventures in Eating: Baked Crabmeat & Shrimp

Natchitoches, Louisiana, founded in 1714, is a quaint, historic town, planted on the scenic, majestic Cane River. It is a town with a sense of true Southern Comfort. The film, “Steel Magnolia” was shot here. Martha Maynard, our charming office manager, is from Natchitoches, and when you call our W.O.M. office, your ears will cuddle-up… read more »

Uncorking Sparkling Wine

For some reason, the chore of uncorking a bottle of sparkling wine intimidates a lot of people. They sort of quietly pass on the responsibility to another in the group (and thus never learn how to do it well). Then, there are those who tackle it head on, and sort of think that popping it is the… read more »

Sparkling Wine

A wine that contains bubbles. This type of wine is carbonated by natural fermentation in a large tank. Sparkling wine is most highly associated with Champagne. Some of the most popular sparkling wines are Spumante (Italy) and Cava (Spain).    


This type of wine has been fermented twice and is commonly occurred in champagnes. The aroma is similar to a bread.  


Champaign, also known as “the Sparkling Wine”, is made from the grapes of the Champagne region of France. In order to be labeled “Champagne” the grapes have to come from Champagne region specifically and produced under the strict process of appellation. It is usually made by the process Methode Champenoise and includes two fermentations.  … read more »

Wine with Food: California Brut Champagne| Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: California Brut Champagne By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | April 1983 Let’s assume that you were given a fine bottle of California champagne as a gift and you had set aside for the right occasion. Then one day, that special celebration pre­sented itself. An anniversary, a promotion, a raise, good news; all these… read more »

Wine of the Month Club | Champagne and Wine Gadgets….KUSI San Diego

You’re watching Good Morning San Diego. Male:                    Time to start thinking about ringing in the New Year. Female:                Already!  Up next, we got some tips on how you can make an inexpensive wine taste like a million bucks. Male:                    Wow!  We have one of those, right? Female:                We do! Male:                    Well, with New Year’s Eve… read more »