What’s The Difference Between Aroma and Bouquet?

Last week, at a charity wine tast­ing, I overheard a conversation of two enthusiasts. Though rather interesting in scope it lead me to believe that the two characteristics “aroma” and “bou­quet” are often used interchangeably when further investigation shows a distinct difference between the two. The following is a reprint of the 9/89 newsletter with… read more »

Bouquet vs Aroma

“Paul: You keep using “bouquet” and “aroma” at different times in your wine descriptions, and some­times you use both terms for the same wine. I must assume there is a difference. What is the differ­ence?” – H.S. San Jose; CA You assumed right! There is a difference. Both terms pertain to the smell or the… read more »


This is a negative term that describe wines as being diluted and watery. It lacks bouquet and body in the wine.


Robust wines tend to be full-bodied and big wines. These wines have bolder flavors and bouquet. Robust wines are commonly found in red wines.  


This type of wine does not have a strong aroma and bouquet possibly because of its early formation. It is described as a wine that has not yet reached its full potential.  


Fruity wines gives off an aroma, flavor, and bouquet of fruits that are in the wine such as grapes, strawberries, citrus, berries, cherries, apricot, and   apples.