balanced wine


The structure is what the wine is composed of. This composition includes acidity, alcohol, tannins, and sugar. The more balanced all the components are, the better it is to be paired with food.    


A high quality wine that is well balanced.


A wine is considered “fat” when it is big and juicy. It is a full bodied type of wine with rich, fruit concentrated, and well balanced flavor. It has low levels of acidity. Grapefruits that well ripe contributes to the wine’s “fat”, which are rich in flavor and texture. It is rich, oily, and buttery.


Elegant wines are more subtle and smooth in taste. It is a balanced and described as light and silky. This type of wine is high quality because it is well balanced and not bold on its elements. This is considered a fine wine that is delicate. It also ages better than other wines. This wine… read more »