aged wine

Tightly Knit

Tightly knit wines are young wines with excellent tannin levels and a good acidity level. This young wines need to be aged to be fully developed.

Sur Lie

The French translation “on the lees” is when an aged wine is lingered to interact with dead yeast cells. These wines are not fermented and not racked.    


The process of aging the wine in the bottle in contrast to the barrels. The aging of the wine helps increase the flavor and the texture of the wines.

Uncorking a Bottle of Wine

By Paul Kalemkiarian June 1983 There are some finer points about uncorking a bottle of wine. The inspection of the bottle before opening, and the actual uncorking procedure deserve some review. Some people have referred to the latter exercise as “dressing the bottle”, which I think carries it a bit far! But no matter, a… read more »