Santa Anita Uncorked!

Santa Anita Uncorked – Another Wonderful Adventure in Wine and Food

This year, we held Santa Anita Uncorked on 6/11, and it was a great success.  With food vendors from all across San Gabriel Valley, and Wines like no tomorrow, this was one of the best events to date.  Those who attended indulged in unlimited wine tastings from our phenomenal wine partners, as well as being able to test the selections for our very own Wine of the Month Club.  Over 20 restaurants filled the plates of our guests while they enjoyed the invigoration Belmont Stakes horse race.  It was an incredible experience on our end as well.

Being able to bring delight is what we’re all about.  When I had at least two members shake my hand and tell me they hadn’t missed a wine tasting for all nine years we’ve been running this event, it was humbling and incredible.  Another member has been with Wine of the Month club for 25 years – wow!

We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful turnout this year, and it was a spectacular event.  Great food, great wine, a great time.  Join us next year – we’ll give you plenty of notice.

Enjoy the photos!

Santa Anita Uncorked


















































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