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Adventures in Eating: Peg Maleys Reuben Bake
by Rosemarie | February 1983

The big red N, the Corn Huskers, the broad fertile plains of the hearty mid-west; these all spell the great State of Nebraska.

Our eldest son, married a wonderful girl, (for­merly Lynn Duling) from Lincoln, Nebraska. Christmas 1982, our whole family, spent Christmas with son Brent, his wife, our in-laws, and the warm and hospitable relatives. Even with its icy winter, we have adopted the State of Nebraska with all its mid-west American charm.

Aunt Peg invited us for dinner and served a most unusual casserole. She was kind enough to send it on to me to share with you in this column. I thought it very unusual, because it contained sauer­kraut, yet it blended so well with the other ingre­dients that it was not identifiable. What quick and easy casserole to put together on one of those busy days.


 1 pkg 6oz noodles ½”                                                 1 T minced dill

cooked and drained pickle                                         1 t grated onion

2 T butter                                                                       2 cups shredded swiss cheese. 8oz.

1 can sauerkraut, rinsed and drained.                      ½ cup crashed rye

1 can or more corn beef 12oz                                      crackers

2/3 cup mayonnaise                                                     2 t caraway seeds

1 T catsup (optional)

2 T butter


Layer in a 7″ x 11″ pan:

1-Toss noodles with 2 T butter

2-Rinse sauerkraut in water, drain well and chop fine. Break corn beef into small pieces with hands and mix together with everything except crackers, caraway seed, and 2T butter.

3-Layer this mixture with the noodles.

4-Toss crushed rye crackers, caraway seeds and 2T butter and sprinkle on top.

5-Bake 35 minutes 350*. Serves 8 – 10.

Eat hearty

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