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This is a negative term describing the wine as bitter and nasty with a biting sense of extreme acidity.    


This grape is commonly made to blend for wines that are for dessert such as white Bordeaux.        


Sediments are the particles that come from improper decanting. This is usually found on older wines.    


A savory wine is defined as a very round and rich in flavors.    

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine that is dry and has herbs-like characteristics. It is a great wine to dine with food.        


This is a wine that has elements that are excessive and some elements may be overpowered by those with excessive amounts. It is a negative term used to describe the wine because of weakness of the balance.    


Unctuous wines are a high quality wine with lush and rich layers of flavors with concentrated flavors, velvety, and soft.    


This is a negative term that describes the wine having a poor taste due to grapes that hasn’t reach maturity.    


Wines are commonly filtered so they can attain clarity. However, some winemakers refuses to filter their wines because it may take away the natural essence and flavor of the wine.    


Unoaked wines are wines that are fermented through stainless steel instead of an oak barrel. The unoaked wines are made to be lighter and higher fruit concentrated wine. By being fermented in stainless steel, the grapes can keep their natural fruit flavor. The unoaked fermentation have effects on both the red wine and the white… read more »