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Southern France Wine

Wines of this region has a reputation of high quality due to its great experience in winemaking. Southern France produces a variety of wine due to its tropical climates. Wine is a popular drink in France and it is considered a daily life drink.    


Sour wines are described as an unbalanced wine with an extreme and powerful acetic acid causing it to taste like a vinegar.    


A wine is soft when it is well-rounded, mellow, and has aged tannins and low on acidity    


Smooth wines are commonly associated with wines with soft tannins.  

South African Wine

South African wine came from the Dutch and the French colonization, who planted the first vineyard in Africa. Most of the wine comes from Cape Town region. One of the most popular wine in the country is Sauvignon Blanc.    


A wine with the flavors and aroma of a tobacco smoke, roasting fire smoke, charred wood, or a toasty smoke that usually comes from oak barrels.    


A shallow wine is described as diluted and weak. It is a poor quality wine.

Small Lot

These wines are made from grapes in a specific area and are solely from that area. It is a wine that heightens the sense of the location.

Single Vineyard

This wine comes with grapes that are grown in a single vineyard and no other vineyards are included. This wine showcases the grapes of the particular region and area.    


A silky wine has a smooth, velvety, creamy, and lush feeling in the mouth similar to satin texture. Some examples of a silky wine is Moelleux.