Top 8 Mother’s Day Fine Wines for Under $12!

Top 8 Mother’s Day Fine Wines for Under $12!

Mother's Day Wine


Moscatel, 2015. Fantelli

Moscatel, 2015. Fantelli (Mother’s Day Presents)

This delicious Argentinian Moscatel is perfect to pair with seafood, vegetarian food, and other dishes! This wine is grown from Mendoza region in Argentina. The rich and tropical taste makes this wine a very delicious drink. The finish is also amazing! This wine is very rich and has an aroma of lychee and musk. This delicious taste of Argentinian wine will be a great Mother’s Day gift! See our reaction to this delicious wine: Moscatel, 2015. Fantelli – Reaction






Tempranillo, 2014. Vina Albali

Tempranillo, 2014. Vina Albali (Mother’s Day Presents)

Full of flavor, this Vina Albali is a great Mother’s Day gift! This wine pairs well with red meat, fowl, and so much more. This special wine from Spain has a palate of lovely plum with a long finish of firm tannins and lots of density. This great tasting wine is very big and would pair well with your steaks! Watch our reactions to tasting this wine: Tempranillo, 2014. Vina Albali – Wine Tasting







Chardonnay, 2013. Painted Van



Chardonnay, 2013. Painted Van (Mother’s Day Presents)

The 2013 Painted Van Chardonnay pairs great with light meats, seafood, vegetarian meals, and so much more! This delicious wine comes from San Joaquin Valley in California. This great tasting wine has a green apple and pear palate. This refreshing Chardonnay also has nice acidity that would go great with the meals! This is a wonderful addition to Mother’s Day dinner! This delicious bottle of Chardonnay will certainly be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts to give. See our wine tasting of this delicious wine: Chardonnay, 2013. Painted Van – Wine Tasting






Merlot, 2012. Ringside



Merlot, 2012. Ringside (Mother’s Day Presents)

This special merlot is a good match to that special Mother’s Day dinner! It has very firm flavors like Cabernet Sauvignon. Coming from California’s finest at O’Neill Vintners, the 2012 Ringside has a palate of rich red fruits and spice. This Merlot has a 95 rating! Your mom will sure love this as one of her Mother’s Day gifts. Merlot, 2012. Ringside – Wine Tasting







White Blend, 2013. Rotta




White Blend, 2013. Rotta (Mother’s Day Presents)

The perfect blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc might just be one of the best Mother’ Day gifts this season! The rich taste of Chardonnay and the citrus flavor of Sauvignon Blanc makes a delicious combination! This amazing wine goes great with seafood and light meats. 2013 Rotta has a 95 rating! It’s a perfect wine to drink for this Mother’s Day festivities!







Chardonnay, 2015. Mezzacorona


Chardonnay, 2015. Mezzacorona (Mother’s Day Presents)

This unique Chardonnay comes from a Venetian winery in Northern Italy! The flavor of green apple and pear flourishes the delicious taste of this Chardonnay! The Mezzacorona blends perfectly with seafood, shellfish, and vegetarian meals. This is a great Mother’s Day gift to give this holiday. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a delicious bottle of Chardonnay!








Stella Rosa, NV. Il Conte D'Alba Stella Rosso



Stella Rosa, NV. Il Conte D’Alba Stella Rosso (Mother’s Day Presents)

Of course, we can’t forget the Stella Rosa! Give your mom one of the best Mother’s Day gifts with this delicious Stella Rosa. It is perfectly balanced. The Il Conte D’Alba Stella Rosso has an invigorating flavor of passion fruit and cherry flavor! Your mom will certainly love this Sparkling Rose as a Mother’s Day gift. She can unwind and relax with a bottle of delicious Stella Rosa!










Stella Rosa, Il Conte D'Alba Moscato D'Asti


Stella Rosa, Il Conte D’Alba Moscato D’Asti (Mother’s Day Presents)

Celebrate Mother’s Day with a delicious bottle of Stella Rosa! Your mom will be thrilled when she gets a taste of this Stella Rosa. Made from Orange Muscat grapes, this Stella Rosa bounces off riveting flavors of green apples and apricot! This Stella Rosa makes a good Mother’s Day gift and complement the delicious Mother’s Day dinner! The invigorating flavor of Stella Rosa puts the happy in Happy Mother’s Day!






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