Wine Pairings

Some of our favorite recipe pairings….very tasty.

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2)

Wine with Food: with Cheese (part 2) by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | September 1982  I am supposed to include some tables in 1 this months column, that show which wines accompany various cheeses. I real­ly did not mean tables! I intended to list the types of cheese and then list some wines that would be appropriate for the… read more »

Wine with Food: For Luncheon Dishes, Casseroles and Pasta

Wine with Food: For Luncheon Dishes, Casseroles and Pasta by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | June 1982 Before I discuss wines to serve with cheeses, desserts, eggs, salads, (yes some salads can have wine accompaniments) which are the topics of the next four columns, I decided to cover a catch-all group of meals of an everyday… read more »

Recipe: Carbonnade a La Flamande

Adventures in Eating: Carbonnade a La Flamande Rosemarie | April 1982 Barbara is a friend and a remarkable woman. While single-handedly raising 4 children, she managed to earn a degree in nursing and currently is pursuing and enjoying her career. In between all this, she finds time to entertain, and is not only a fine… read more »

Recipe: Pork Stuffed Oranges

Adventures in Eating: Pork Stuffed Oranges Rosemarie | March 1982 The restaurant profile is changing so rapidly in Los Angeles, that hardly a week goes by without one noticing another new restaurant. They are usually small Ma and Pa operations with a new cuisine to offer. America (L.A.) the land (city) of opportunity has become… read more »

Recipe: Spanish Beef Stew

Adventures in Eating: Spanish Beef Stew By Rosemarie February 1982 With the holidays safely behind us, are you ready to start cooking again? I hope so. The best of what is available in restaurants cannot measure up to a home cooked meal, both in flavor and cost. I think you will find the following hearty… read more »

Bianco Alcamo, 1980 – Fiumefreddo

BIANCO ALCAMO, 1980 – FIUMEFREDDO by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1982 The island of Sicily, (the football at the tip of the shoe of Italy) is our visit for tasting an import this month. Famous for the active volcano Mt. Etna on its east coast, the northwest portion of the island is crowned by… read more »

Wine with Food: Lamb, Pork, and Game

Wine with Food: Lamb, Pork, and Game by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | May 1982 The wines to serve with beef or veal was the topic of last month’s column. Don’t forget, the sauce, the dressing, or the method of preparation will make a difference in wine decisions. I hope you are saving these pages! I… read more »

Food with Wine: Poultry

Food with Wine: Poultry by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | March 1982 Do you always serve white wine with poultry? The answer is “no”. A lot depends on the way the bird is prepared, and the sauce (if any), that you use. You must also consider the kind of bird and the type of meat it has…. read more »

Chardonnay, 1980 – Danfield Creek

CHARDONNAY, 1980 – DANFIELD CREEK by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | February 1982 When the wine bug bites, it punctures the skin ever so gently that you cannot feel it, and there are no traces on the skin. However, it injects nectar from the grape vine blossom that circulates in your constitution for ever and ever…. read more »

Malbec, 1977 – Canto Rodado Flichman

MALBEC, 1977 – CANTO RODADO FLICHMAN by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | February 1982 The fifth largest wine producing country in the world, Argentina, produces most of its wine for local consumption. Little is exported. Wine grapes were introduced to the country by Father Cedron, a Jesuit priest in 1566. Since then the industry has grown… read more »