Wine with Food: White Zinfandel| Pairing Tips

Wine with Food: White Zinfandel By Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. | February 1984 The other day, as I was arriving for a meeting at a hotel, a luncheon meeting of a women’s club must have been letting out. I ran into an acquaintance who was carrying a bot­tle of wine. She stopped me and said “Paul,… read more »

Zinfandel Amador, 1980. David Bruce| Vintage Wine History and Information

ZINFANDEL AMADOR. 1980 –DAVID BRUCE by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | October 1983 David Bruce winery, one of the oldest in the Santa Cruz Mountains, is dedicated to making exceptional wines from some of the finest grape growing regions in California. An ardent wine lover, and a dermatologist by profession, Dr. Bruce settled in the wine… read more »