This Matter of Phylloxera (Part II)

About one year ago, (WOMC Newsletter, June 1991), we wrote about the deadly root-burrowing louse, phylloxera vastatrix. We in­cluded the article as a history les­son. During the latter half of the 19th century, the parasite, which is of American origin, devastated millions of acres of vineyards around the globe. It was brought under control by… read more »

Domestic Selection: Cabernet Sauvignon, 1982, El Dorado, Boeger

More often than not, the Italian heritage of wine making crops up here and there in the background of our winemakers. Greg Boeger is the grandson of Anton Nichelini, a Swiss-Italian who founded a winery in Napa County in 1890. This origi­nal winery continues as a family op­eration today. Greg cut his teeth in agriculture…. read more »

The Woman of 1987 – The Cook’s Month Off!

Dedicated to: The Woman of 1987 (The cook’s month off) I was loaned “Buckeye Cookery and Practical Housekeeping” published in 1880. It was dedicated to “those plucky housewives who master their work instead of allowing it to master them.” I looked up the word plucky in the dictionary, thinking it would mean quick to act,… read more »

Top 10 Reasons How Wine Can Benefit You

How can wine possibly affect my overall health? Did you know that wine contains massive amounts of resveratrol? Now what exactly is resveratrol? Resveratrol is an organic chemical that comes from plants to fight off injury and other attacks by pathogens like bacteria or a fungi. Resveratrol comes from grape skins. It is also found… read more »

Petite Syrah, 1979 Roudon-Smith

PETITE SYRAH, 1979 ROUDON – SMITH by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr | January 1982 What does mechanical engineering and wine have in common? Give up? A correct answer would be Bob Roudon and Jim Smith. These two engineers met in 1971 -and developed a friendship that led to a wine making venture. Their wives Annamaria and… read more »

About Wine-Pedia

Welcome to Wine of the Month Club’s, Wine-Pedia: A Free Wine Encyclopedia! Here you will find a variety of articles and videos on topics ranging from wine and food pairings to informational wine videos, and much more! There are a few different ways to navigate this Wine-Pedia. To choose a topic you would like to… read more »