Member Inquiry

Where’s All of the Inventory?

“Paul: I have been disappointed recent­ly in the ‘sold out’ situation of some of your wines. I wanted more of the Hidden Cellars Chevrignon d’Or and the Heitz Pinot Noir, but you were sold out. Why don’t you buy enough inventory?!” – J.H. Sorry about that! I hate to disappoint anybody. They were super wines, wer­en’t… read more »

Closeout Wines for Keeping

“Paul, I need your input. A friend of mine is a beer distributor. Recently he purchased a “closeout lot” of wine. A beer and wine wholesaler had gone out of business, and he had bid on their in­ventory. Knowing about my interest in wine, he offered me the opportunity to purchase any that I wished… read more »

The Sulfite Story

“Dear Paul, I have heard that sulfites are used as preservatives in wine. I am inclined to be a natural food enthusiast and avoid preservatives. I receive conflict­ing answers to the sulfite story. Some say it is a natural product in wine, and others say it is added. Which is it?” – W.O.; Bakersfield The… read more »

Traveling with Wine 101

“Paul, I worry about the jostling of wine during travel. Don’t you think it damages the wine? Should I allow my wine to rest after I receive it from you, before I open it?” – K.S.; Dublin, CA Thank you for this question. I am asked it quite often in person, when I ex­plain my… read more »

German Wines and Differentiating Sweetness

“We just joined your wine club, and so far, so good! We have liked the selec­tions. We do not know a lot about wine, except that we like some and want to learn about the others we have thought we did not like in the past. We do not favor sweet wines. Our son just… read more »

The Oldies but Goodies – Wine Of Course

“My husband and I have been mem­bers of WOMC for 3 years or so and are always delighted with your shipments. Now I need some special help from you. Our three older chil­dren would like to each have a bottle of wine put aside for them from their birth year to drink on their 21st… read more »

Choosing A Wine Cabinet

“What is your opinion about these wine cabinets I see advertised. The prices they are asking makes it quite an investment.. Are there any negatives about them, and do you recommend one over another?”         -A.S. Yes, there has been a flurry of offerings in the catalogs and some advertisements in newspapers and magazines for… read more »

The Selection Process at Wine of the Month Club

“Paul, I am amazed at the consistency of quality in the wines you send me. Yes, there is an occasional bottle I do not agree with you on, but by and large, you surprise me every time. How do you select your wines?” – J.L.H.; San Diego Thanks for the concurrence. I amaze myself sometimes! It has… read more »

Blush, Blanc, Rose… Here’s the Difference!

“I have seen some of the same grapes used to make ‘blush,’ ‘blanc,’ and ‘rose’ wines. In some cases they are produced by the same winery! Could you tell me what the difference is?” – Dr. T. R. E.; Bakersfield I’m not sure I can because there is no code, law or regulation which governs… read more »

The Right Thermometer for Wine Temperature Variation

“Dear Paul: Where can I purchase a ther­mometer which will tell me the variation in temperature of my wine cellar closet? I would like to find out if the variation ex­ceeds 10 degrees from day to night and from summer to winter. Even though I have it fairly well protected, I am con­cerned.”            – R.S…. read more »